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High quality hand tools for demanding professionals. Produced in the state of the art manufacturing technology and materials to ensure durability and reliability. High quality confirmed and proved in many rigourous laboratory tests.

Tools and powertools for demanding users. Products designed for intensive usage at nearly professional loads.

Quick clamp

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Quick clamp, gun handle, quick jaw closing.
REF L [mm] W [mm] OPK  
12A515  150 60 0/6 Add to Wishlist
12A520  200 60 0/6 Add to Wishlist
12A530  300 60 0/6 Add to Wishlist
12A545  450 60 0/6 Add to Wishlist
12A560  600 60 0/6 Add to Wishlist
12A575  750 60 0/6 Add to Wishlist
12A590  900 60 0/6 Add to Wishlist
12A560  Add to Wishlist
12A575  Add to Wishlist
TOPEX quick clamp is a universal tool that can be used as a clamp, spreader and in other applications. Useful for professional work as well as small renovation and construction tasks. Gun handle made of high quality plastic, profiled for better comfort of use. Additionally, the tool features system for quick shift that makes easier to operate the tool. Product reliability guaranteed by TÜV, GS certificates. TOPEX brand is oriented towards DIY enthusiasts.
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