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Hand saw

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Hand saw Shark, 11 TPI, three side sharpened and hardened teeth, two material handle.
REF L [mm] OPK  
10A442  400 10/60 Add to Wishlist
10A447  450 10/40 Add to Wishlist
10A452  500 10/40 Add to Wishlist
TOPEX Shark hand saw is made of hardened steel. Three side sharpened and hardened teeth result in significant decrease of cutting resistance and facilitate cutting wood along the rings. Very efficient pitch of 11 teeth per inch makes work easier. Ergonomic, two material handle allows to guide the saw precisely, and anti slip coating prevents the tool from slipping off hands, thus ensuring high work comfort. TOPEX brand is oriented towards DIY enthusiasts.
  • Teeth per inch

  • Hardened steel