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Barbecue starter 2000W, temperature range: I: 350°C, II: 550°C, air flow capacity I: 300 l/min, II: 500 l/min, bi-metal overheating protection, (LxH) 260x200 mm, weight 0.9 kg
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TOPEX 2000 W barbecue lighter combines function of hot air gun and special nozzle for quick lighting of charcoal barbecue. The lighter eliminates use of liquid or solid chemical kindling, which makes the food healthier and better in taste. Properly adjusted parameters and special nozzle shape allow to light a barbecue in only 60 seconds. The product is for those who value environment and look for clean and easy way to light up a barbecue. Outside of barbecue season the tool can be used as a standard hot air gun. TOPEX brand is oriented towards DIY enthusiasts.