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Machinist hammer

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Machinist's hammer with steel ring, wooden handle, DIN1041
REF m [g] OPK OPW  
02A451  100 120 12 Add to Wishlist
02A452  200 72 12 Add to Wishlist
02A453  300 36 6 Add to Wishlist
02A454  500 36 6 Add to Wishlist
02A455  800 24 6 Add to Wishlist
02A456  1000 12 6 Add to Wishlist
TOPEX machinist hammer with steel ring is designed for small fitting and construction tasks. The hammer is equipped with steel ring around the handle to create better joint between head and handle, which improves resistance to hard impacts. Handle is made of hard wood with high resistance to breaking, light profile allows for good fit in hand. The product features special rod that goes through wooden and metal part of the handle, this improves lifetime of the hammer. The product is manufactured in compliance with DIN 1041 to guarantee reliability. TOPEX brand is oriented towards DIY enthusiasts.
  • Conforms to din standard

  • Super strong steel ring