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High quality hand tools for demanding professionals. Produced in the state of the art manufacturing technology and materials to ensure durability and reliability. High quality confirmed and proved in many rigourous laboratory tests.

Tools and powertools for demanding users. Products designed for intensive usage at nearly professional loads.

Good to know

Cotton knitted material in working gloves

Working gloves are main equipment for any DIY enthusiast and professional. They are designed to protect your hands against abrasions, cuts and other injuries. In addition, they must also guarantee comfort and freedom of movements. The cotton knitted material is responsible for the latter. Harmless to the skin, it doesn't cause allergic reactions and ensures ventilation.

Using hose clamps

Hose clamps is a solution commonly used for connections in water, air and gas systems, in gardens and automotive industry. Because of difficult conditions, in which we must work, hose clamps from TOPEX are manufactured from high quality steel (SS 200). This guarantees high durability, resistance to corrosion and difficult weather conditions (acid-proof).

Advantages of technical chalk

Technical chalk can be widely used. Owing to the modified chemical composition, it leaves more durable mark than a traditional chalk and allows simple and quick marking. The chalk can be used on dry, wet and hot surfaces, such as metal, concrete, asphalt, wood, ceramics, plastics and glass.

How is the axe built?

The axe is one of the oldest tools invented by a man. invisible and ensures stable construction of the furniture. The secret of its functionality lies in its simple design. The two main elements of this tool are: a handle and head. The axe head itself consists of 7 elements - the face, ear, cone, cheek, front, feet and nose. Depending on their profiling, the axe may feature varying functionalities.

Phasing of chisels

Phasing is otherwise shaping the side surfaces of the chisel. It affects the cross-section of the tool and its application. Basically three types of chisels can be distinguished in terms of their phasing: chisels with lateral phasing, convergent phasing and without phasing. The first type of chisels features light and delicate blade and enables to perform more precise work.

Pin connection

Connections widely used in cabinetwork. The technique that enables construction of carcass and case (or cabinet) furniture. The connection is made using beech or oak dowels with different diameters as well as carpenter's glue. For more durable connection and better glue bound, the dowels are often carved throughout their entire length. A well performed pin connection is invisible and ensures stable construction of the furniture.

Phillips Screw

The screw was patented by John P. Thompson in 1933, however it was Phillips Screw Company, which made it so popular. Owing to its cross-incision of the screw head, Thompson’s invention facilitates work to a great extent. Its special profile shows self-centering properties, which makes it easier to align the tool and prevents it from coming off during installation works.

A hide in working gloves

Abrasions and injuries of the hands are common during DIY works, therefore it is worth to equip yourself with indispensable protective gloves. Gloves with hide-lined working parts are useful in more demanding repair and construction, reloading or ordering works. The split – that is the inner, porous layer of the leather – is usually used for gloves. Its texture increases adherence, thus ensuring secure and stable grip.

Popular types of expansion plus

Expansion plugs are one of the most frequently used joining methods. Their basic division should be known. Universal expansion plugs - available in various shapes and sizes, universal plugs operate on the principle of expansion. Hammer-in plugs - they allow very quick installation of plasterboards, wooden strips, sections or cable and pipe clamps. Screw anchors for soft materials - used for walls.

Household rust removal methods

If you haven't properly preserved your tools or other metal items, with time it will be covered with a red tarnish, also known as rust. There are several household methods to effectively remove rust from metal items. The first method is to use vinegar. Another method involves the use of salt and lemon juice.

Gypsum putty without lumps?

Do you want to patch up a crack in a wall or fill a hole left after you removed a wall plug? If you do, then you will certainly need gypsum putty, but the end result will largely depend on its "smoothness." Homogenous, thick gypsum putty, without any lumps, will result in a perfect appearance of the repair. The key to a perfect homogeneity of the putty is proper order in which the individual components are added.

How to remove old wallpaper?

Removing old wallpaper is not a difficult task, but it may be time consuming. Before the work, one must properly protect the floor and the mop boards with plastic sheets and remove all nails and wall plugs. Then the old wallpaper must be softened and the structure of the adhesive must be loosened. This can be done with special preparations available in DIY stores. One can also use warm water with some vinegar.

Electrical cables and boxes - what should be the spacing?

When installing an electrical system, one must ensure proper location of electrical cables, boxes, and switches. Cables should be installed 30 cm away from the floor and the ceiling and 15 cm from door and window frames. The same rule applies to electrical boxes and sockets.

Construction silicone - types and properties

Silicones are an indispensable element of every workshop. Basically, two types of silicones can be differentiated – acid and neutral. The division depends on a hardening method and conditions an intended purpose of a given agent. In the hardening process, acid silicones (acetate) release acid compounds, thus they cannot be used for joining metals and concrete.

A method for creaking wood floor (talcum)

Wood is a natural material, which reacts to changes in temperature and moinsture. It sometimes leads to unpleasant effects – creaking of wood floors, for example. An unpleasant sound can be eliminated using talcum. Apart from talcum, you can also use baking soda or powdered graphite.

Tool storage

The most frequently used tool storage system are toolboxes. Owing to the system of chambers and containers, TOPEX toolboxes allow to order both tools and equipment (bits, bolts, screws), which translates into work efficiency.

Tools for electric installers

The basic tools in the equipment of an electric installer are pliers, both for cable cutting and for removing cable isolation. Screwdrivers are also essential, only specialized and adapted for operation at high voltages (e.g. up to 1000 V).

Socket wrenches – what to choose?

It is important that the wrenches are solid and durable. TOPEX offers wrenches made of chromium and vanadium steel. The alloy increases the resistance of sockets to abrasion, which in turn increases their life. A kit should offer as many sockets, bits and accessories as possible. This will make us prepared for any challenge.

The correct crimping of cable terminals.

A right tool is most important when crimping cable terminals. TOPEX pliers for cable crimping (32D410) is adapted for work with insulated and non-insulated cable terminals. It is worth to pay attention to the stiffness of the tool construction, which translates to the precision of connections produced.

Which bit to use – or how to select a right screwdriver?

A proper fitting of a screwdriver to the groove on a screw head allows to minimalize abrasion both on the groove and tool tip. It is worth to invest in a kit of screwdrivers of the most popular bit sizes and shapes. A right choice of a bit allows for a full use of a hand force when tightening/unscrewing screws/bolts.

How to precisely measure a room before a renovation?

Are you planning a renovation or a flat décor change? Make sure to precisely measure all rooms, before you buy new furniture. Steel roll-up measuring tapes are perfect for such measurements. They come in different lengths depending on your needs. Measuring tapes with automatic locks are most comfortable while tapes coated with nylon are most durable.

How to facilitate the tightening of a screw?

Right tools and accessories are most important, if you want to facilitate your work. Remember about a comfortable grip – if a screwdriver lies well in your hand, your work will be more pleasant and effective.