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Spring garden with TOPEX

Gardening with TOPEX tools

Spring garden with TOPEX

The garden needs tending almost all year round, but it is the spring months that are crucial for gardeners. When the nature wakes up from the winter sleep, gardening enthusiasts are in for a lot of work.

Start from the soil

Healthy, well-tended and fertile soil ensures stable growth to all plants – from grasses to vegetables, fruit trees and ornamental shrubs. For digging the beds or planting new seedlings you will certainly need a strong spade, shovel and fork. They are essential for soil improvement works, such as aeration, fertility enhancement or planning the layout of your vegetable garden. When selecting tools, you should pay particular attention to the workmanship quality of the working end and the durability of the handle.

Time for beds

A spade, shovel or fork are used for heavy tasks, at the initial stage of building vegetable patches, flower beds and other garden design elements. However, working in the soil also requires more precise tools. This is where small rakes, garden trowels or hand cultivators come in handy.. A garden trowel is a magnificent tool for planting flowers and delicate annual plants, herbs and vegetables; a hand cultivator is ideal for loosening the soil for sowing; a small rake, on the other hand, will help you remove hard-to-access weeds and form beds with precision. As work on beds is usually done on your knees, you may consider buying protectors, protective knee which will greatly improve your comfort.

Trees and shrubs

When you are done preparing soil which will produce flowers, thick grass and vegetables, you can proceed to prune trees and shrubs. Start by removing old, dead, diseased and frostbitten shoots to make the trees and shrubs healthier and sturdier. Only then comes aesthetic pruning, that is forming the desired shape of the shrubs. You should equip yourself with pruning shears (including long-handled ones for cutting thicker branches) and a pruning saw. Another useful tool is a branch lopper with a gardening saw which will help you reach even high and difficult-to-access branches and shoots.

Po tak skrupulatnych przygotowaniach każdy ogrodnik będzie mógł się cieszyć pięknym i zdrowym ogrodem w nadchodzących, letnich miesiącach.