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High quality hand tools for demanding professionals. Produced in the state of the art manufacturing technology and materials to ensure durability and reliability. High quality confirmed and proved in many rigourous laboratory tests.

Tools and powertools for demanding users. Products designed for intensive usage at nearly professional loads.

What to pay attention to when choosing tools?

Are you put off by the quantity of products on the shelves of hardware stores? We will try to help and guide you through the process.

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One of more important factors influencing the purchase of tools is price. Instead of choosing tools of unknown manufacturers, it is worth to buy tools of known brands that care about their product quality and guarantee proper durability.

A hammer and screwdriver are an absolute must-have. What to pay attention to when shopping for these? Remember about a comfortable grip. If we have a soft, two-material and ergonomically profiled handle, most frequently the entire tool will be of robust performance. Of course, the working section is equally important, but it is difficult to assess the manner of performance or quality of materials used without an expertise. In this point it is worth to ask a shop assistant for an advice.

Młotek ślusarski

We should remember to select tools that suit our needs. Not every hammer is intended for the same type of works. That is also the case for screwdrivers – they are adapted to cooperate with different types of bolt heads. When selecting screwdrivers, it is best to invest in a ready set or a screwdriver handle with replaceable bits, since this will allow us to be prepared for any situation.

Before you begin any renovation work, remember that using proper tools will allow for efficient and precise performance of planned works, but also may have a significant influence on our safety. If we are not sure what tool we should use – for example to fit a wall socket – it is best to consult a professional.