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The review of measuring tools

If you have just bought a flat and want to finish it or you are planning a renovation or changing a room décor, remember to precisely measure all rooms, before you commence any works. A short guide that follows will make it easier for you choose a perfect


Slide calipers

The smaller an area or object, which we need to measure, the higher precision we should require from a device that will be chosen. An ideal tool to measure an inner diameter of a hole for a rawlbolt or a bolt head width is a slide caliper. When selecting the tool, make sure it is made of a durable material, such as stainless steel. This will ensure a higher tool life and maintain measurement precision for many years. Lately, digital slide calipers with large displays for easy readouts have appeared on the market. Remember to buy a good case for it to enjoy your slide caliper for a long time.


Steel measuring tapes 

While slide calipers are useful in precise measurements, for larger areas we suggest to buy a steel roll-up measuring tape. Since they come in different lengths (2 – 10 metres), remember to choose a measuring tape that is suitable for a room to be measured. A nice feature of these measuring tapes is an automatic lock that prevents the tape from rolling when extended. Many manufacturers apply a nylon coating on the tape surface to increase its resistance to mechanical damages. It is worth to pay attention to how the tip is fitted to the tape. Double rivets ensure durability and strength.

Ultrasound and laser range-finders

The most advanced measuring devices are ultrasound or laser range-finders. Do not be deceived by their small size, since they allow to measure long distances without moving. Lengths that can be measured usually range from 0,1 to 60 metres. However, range-finders have a few disadvantages – they are troublesome to measure distances in open spaces, because they require a physical measurement boundary. Measurements taken in rooms with furniture are often erroneous. They are also much more expensive than simpler instruments. While the simplest ultrasound range-finders will not eat our wallets, more advanced laser models may mean higher expenses.

As it can be seen, many measuring devices are available on the market. Always make sure to choose a tool that is best suited to your needs and possibilities.