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logotyp neo

High quality hand tools for demanding professionals. Produced in the state of the art manufacturing technology and materials to ensure durability and reliability. High quality confirmed and proved in many rigourous laboratory tests.

Tools and powertools for demanding users. Products designed for intensive usage at nearly professional loads.

A perfect gift for every man

The choice of a suitable gift for a man is often a great problem. If socks and shaving foams have failed to arouse your dad’s, uncle’s or husband’s enthusiasm in last years, maybe it is worth to invest in tools? A practical gift, but it is sure to please every master of the house.


If a man likes DIY…

He will certainly be pleased with a gift that facilitates house works. The basic element of every toolbox are screwdrivers. A set of screwdrivers is a perfect idea for a gift that will be useful in various works. The case has also transport values and facilitates storage. If a DIY enthusiast, who we would like to give a gift to, has all necessary tools, we may think of a toolbox, which will help to maintain an order and facilitate transport.


Maybe something for a keen gardener?

Every amateur gardener will be happy with tools that help him in taking care of his garden. A petrol chainsaw is useful in gardens full of trees and bushes and for fireplace owners, who saw firewood on their own. In such a case, a robust axe will also prove to be a great gift. However, maybe it is worth to think about a lawn mower or a petrol trimmer – if your man does not have any, he will certainly be pleased and your lawn will always be perfectly mowed.

If you are still thinking what to buy, please visit our stores – our advisors will always help you to choose the best product.