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Is it worth to have a level?

A level is a very useful device both on a construction site and for house repairs. Read this short advice to find out how to correctly determine the level of floors, ceilings or walls.


In spite of the common belief, levels are not difficult to operate. There are usually produced from light, but sturdy materials. TOPEX levels are manufactured from aluminium to combine the measurement taking easiness and high durability. 

 The most important element of the level is a tube, on which measurement results are read. Its precise workmanship and fitting speaks for product quality and class. TOPEX levels also have handles to make the measurement taking more comfortable in many situations.

The level operation is very simple. It is enough to apply the tool to a surface and read the position of an air bubble in the tube. The air bubble in the liquid and its position in relation to the two straight lines marked on the tube indicates the horizontal and vertical plane, and the angle of 45° on some levels. The readout is correct, if the air bubble is exactly between the two lines marked on the tube.

Levels are available in various length variants from the smallest – twenty something centimetres in length – to the long ones, even two-metre long tools.  When selecting a level, you should think what it will be mainly used for and choose a tool size that ensures the highest work comfort. 

If you have been convinced that a level is a tool for professional builders, we encourage you to buy your own level, which will be useful in various around the house works.