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High quality hand tools for demanding professionals. Produced in the state of the art manufacturing technology and materials to ensure durability and reliability. High quality confirmed and proved in many rigourous laboratory tests.

Tools and powertools for demanding users. Products designed for intensive usage at nearly professional loads.

Care for your safety at work with TOPEX

People who use tools at work on a daily basis belong to group that is exposed to danger of injuries.

People who use tools at work on a daily basis belong to group that is exposed to danger of injuries. Occupational health and safety aspects are of vital importance. Not only the rules must be followed at professional working sites, but also it is worth to take care of personal safety independently. In particular this issue concerns DIY enthusiasts who work in their workshops alone.

TOPEX is the solution and offers numerous indispensible accessories that improve comfort and safety at work.

How to maintain order

Everyone who faces a task that require using few tools knows importance of logistics and their planning. Tool belt 79R405, is a great aid. It is made of leather with strong and reinforced rivets. The tool belt features 11 pockets and special holder for a hammer. Another product worth consideration is the drill holster 79R416,that has 4 small pockets for working tools and small pieces. Sturdy belt and strong latch prevent falling the tool out when carrying.

Care for your senses

There is no doubt that drilling, screwing and grinding can be noisy. Too much noise may impair your hearing. 82S125 TOPEX earmuffprotectors are designed to protect from noise. They are well profiled to match head and soft lining improves comfort of use.

Eye and face protection is yet another important aspect. 82S221 shield   is made of polycarbonate and protects face against potential splinters. 82S107, protective goggles can prove useful, be it DIY tasks or professional applications. They give protection from solid objects and liquids alike. For welding tasks we recommend 82S105,welding goggles that protect eyes from welding arc. Additionally, goggles are made of flexible plastic with adjustable head strap for comfortable wearing. Goggles also have darkened glasses for greater work comfort.

Respiratory tract is very sensitive area that requires special protection. Disposable TOPEX  82S137anti-dust halfmask is designed also for use with harmful substances and in high concentrations, that do not exceed tenfold of maximum permissible concentration.

Head protection against mechanical injuries can be guaranteed with 82S201 helmet.made of high quality plastic. It allows full adjustment of main strap circumference to adjust to user's head.

Use other accessories

It is hard to imagine work without good gloves. 83S215 TOPEX work gloves provide protection against harmful external factors. They are made of pigskin resistant to abrasion and guarantee long lifetime.

82S170 high visibility vest is another useful product ,that guarantees optimum visibility and improves comfort at work. The product fulfils all necessary safety standards.

It is worth to make workplace or point of failure visible with 24B150warning tape with contrasting white and red colours.

TOPEX can guarantee safety and provides full protection in any situation at work.