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5 main applications for a vice

The vice is often called a third hand. This simple tools is used to secure a workpiece, before it is worked, which ensures higher precision and guarantees that the desired results will be achieved.

Versatility is the most important feature of the vice. Below you can find 5 example works, which can be must facilitated, if you decide to use this versatile helper.



2 things should be paid attention to during precision cutting of wood or metal. Firstly, you must have a sharp cutting tool, and secondly, the workpiece cut must be secured so that it does not slip away from the blade. The latter task should be performed by the vice. Wooden beams, metal pipes, flat bars or plastic elements can be evenly seated between the vice jaws. Once secured, they will not move, as they are worked, which ensures smooth cutting.



If you plan a project that requires drilling, you will certainly save much time, if you have a vice in your workshop. When fastened in the vice, wooden, metal or plastic elements will be secured in a required place, that is why the drill will hit the right spot. The vice will be especially needed for projects that require a number of holes in a single element.


A vice will also be perfect for joining elements. It may be used as a clamp for gluing wooden elements, but it can also be useful for connecting individual elements of water and sewerage or heating systems. The use of a vice ensures solid and durable joints.




The grinding of previously cut battens or tarnished pipes of a water system will be definitely easier, if you use a vice. Materials secured in the jaws can be precision grinded using sandpaper and electric grinders.


Sometimes, projects require additional bending. Although, the task may seem difficult, a vice may come in handy. When pipes of an identical diameter are fastened in the vice jaws, so that a gap is formed between them. You can then bend bars or flat bars according to your needs. It suffices to insert them in the gap formed between them and start to work.


The vice is a perfect helper for many projects. It allows efficient performance of a multitude of precision works, which why it shortens work time and ensures results that you expect.