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Cutting wood - the right saw for the job

TOPEX saws feature ergonomic and well profiled bimaterial handles.

Workshop of every DIY enthusiast should comprise tools for wood processing. This material is very popular and widely used in furniture carpentry, construction works and fitting. The basic task will be cutting wood to desired dimensions. The right saw will help with that. There's still a question: how to choose the right tool for the job at hand?

Every tooth matters

Choice of the right saw may look like a simple task. There are many items on the market though, and each of them is used for different purpose. The first factor to consider is TPI, which stands for Teeth per Inch. The principle is simple: the more teeth, the more precise and aesthetic finish. On the other hand saws with smaller TPI cut considerably faster, but with downside on the visual results. Another important parameter is technique of teeth sharpening. For saw efficiency and durability improvement, TOPEX saws are always three sides sharpened and additionally hardened.



The first criterion to consider is type of work the saw will be used for. There are many types of wood saws on market shelves.


Hand saw is a popular tool and its main purpose is cutting large sheets of fibreboards, chipboards, plywood, solid wood and other wood materials to smaller pieces. It is often used in gardening for trimming large branches. Main task of hand saw is fast cutting of large pieces.

Back saw is handy for more precise tasks. It's name comes from special strengthening structure on the back, which guarantees greater blade stiffness. Reinforced cutting area of back saw guarantees precise results.

Firm grip

The most important part of wood saw is its blade. However, it's necessary to notice comfortable grip that will guarantee comfortable working. TOPEX saws feature ergonomic and well profiled bimaterial handles. Inner and tougher handle provides durability even in hard works. Outer, soft elastomer part guarantees firm and comfortable grip.

We have few interesting handbooks for DIY enthusiasts who use wood in preparing their own projects - furniture, kitchenware, accessories for garden and home.