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How to keep your cables in perfect order?

How to keep your cables in perfect order?

A majority of us cannot live without a computer, TV-set or a home theatre. These and other electronic equipment make our everyday life, work, leisure easier and more pleasurable. They are no longer a luxury. However, the more electronic equipment we have, the more tangled up cables we get. Fortunately, there are ways to cope with the problem of nuisance cables laying behind your cupboard and desk.

The organisation of cables does not have to be a nightmare. In renovation and construction stores you can find practical solutions from TOPEX that facilitate the task to a great extent. Cable covers, organisers or special cable clips not only order cables laying behind furniture, but also increase your safety.

Cables are often exposed to mechanical damages. To prevent this, it is best to place your cables in a special cable cover from TOPEX. . This simple and flexible solution makes it possible to bind a number of cables into a single bundle, thus increasing aesthetics in your office of home. What’s more important, the cable cover from TOPEX has also a protective function. Made of high quality polyurethane, it prevents dust from penetrating into the bundle and protects cables against cuts or other damages.

Another useful purchase Cable organisers . Owing to this smart assistant, all computer and TV cables will always be in place. The most important feature of the cable organizer is its innovative design, which allows for easy installation and removal of a number of cables at the same time. Besides, the cable organiser from TOPEX is produced from a high quality material for exceptionally long-standing durability. The organiser can be fastened almost to any surface using a robust adhesive tape.

If you have a cable, which stays in the same place at all times, such as a power cord for your monitor, you can use a special cable clip. When fastened to a surface, it allows a cable to be placed in a position that you expect. Cable clips from TOPEX are made of a very durable thermoplastic rubber, which provides high durability and excellent aesthetics.