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Painting the ceiling

Painting the ceiling requires more skills and effort than painting the walls. Luckily all it takes to efficiently cope with this task is proper preparation for work and suitable tools.

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Painting of the ceiling involves even more dirt and dust than in case of walls. It is therefore necessary, before commencing the work, inspect once again whether all the elements (floors, furniture, windows, radiators and all other surfaces) have been properly secured.

Remember: : the paint particles dropping from the roller will be spread throughout the entire room!

Have a close look at the ceiling before you start the work. As in the case of walls, any impurities or dirt should be removed. Particularly important is to get rid of dust, cobwebs or residues of adhesives and paints as well as all kinds of fats (oils, waxes, lubricants). These substances will reduce the adhesion to the substrate, which in turn may lead to peeling off of the paint.

Dirt and dust should be removed with warm water and some detergent, fatty substances with a special degreasing preparation.

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